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Facebook Live — The Nashvillains Tuesday Happy Hour


Fate Entertainment is a multi-genre, Independent record label that is proud of its innovative approach with cutting-edge, extraordinary artists making memorable music. Fate was formed in 2020 by Karen Clark and Brett Boyett. Brett, an accomplished musician and an innovative musician, and Karen, a veteran music publisher and intellectual property attorney, joined forces after collaborating on the band Nashvillains. Karen and Brett each brought their own artists to Fate and arranged distribution through Sony Orchard via the Copperline Music Group. Brett leads production and A&R for Fate, while Karen leads business development and legal affairs. Fate Entertainment was founded on Brett and Karen’s core values of integrity, creativity and professionalism, and their desire to team with Fate’s artists to create unique music and bring it fans all over the world.

Karen Clark

CEO / Co-Founder

Brett Boyett

CEO / Co-Founder



The Nashvillains
Ariel Bellvalaire

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